we may not be in the same place.

but we can still be together with eachothers hearts.


>>>>"what is this?" - answers to what this is below - ...

"too long; didn't read" "tl;dr" version summary:
bookmark this link http://anon.pcriot.com and or this link http://1day.bplaced.net/ and visit it every month or year or so. you might find something.

"context", "details", "explanations", etc. are below...

there's nothing here right now but i plan to have this page redirect to the site if it's up 1 day. if you want to bookmark that and visit it the 1st of every month or every saturday or so. - or everyday. all the time. any time you want. -- you an also make the site your homepage. so you don't forget. if you want to. -- ">pls anon". ">I'm so confused". ">http://anon.pcriot.com". ">Do I keep this?". yeah. thank you. - you can also bookmark http://1day.bplaced.net/ ; redirects to whatever the current main site is. in case something happens. ">I've been waiting. And by waiting I mean I saw the thread, wished him luck, then forgot." please remember. ">What if it feels inept and almost inanimate?". it's alright. i am inept and inanimate. and i'm happy they get that. i'd like to have it redirect to the site up sometime but i can't predict the future so please be very patient and please believe. thank you...

>What is going on
>OP is working on a website.

>ya but... what is this?
i have no idea. i put this here to let everyone know when the real website is up. i update it and add stuff because some seem to like it and ask for it, and stuff...

>emergency back-up links and alternative links
http://yep.it/1day redirects to whatever the current main site is. short link. - nothing shorter. apparently.
http://1day.bplaced.net/ placeholder to whatever the current main site is.
http://tr.im/1aqns redirects to whatever the current main site is. short link. - alternative.
http://anon.pcriot.com current temporary main site.
http://anon.pcriot.com/1day.htm current temporary main site page.
http://anon.bplaced.net alternative temporary main site.
http://yep.it/anon alternative temporary main site. short link.
http://anonop.neocities.org alternative temporary main site.
http://anonymous.x10host.com former temporary main site.
http://anonymous.x10host.com/1day.htm former temporary main site page.
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/155802973/1day.html dropbox temporary main site page.
http://x.vu/1day redirected to whatever the current main site is. now having some shutdown issues.
keep in mind that any of these may fail.

black blank black page
white blank white page
grey blank grey page
blank blank page
social "Other sites want to waste our time with unnecessary filler. I'd die for a version of social media that just says I have no friends".
you're welcome.

anonpcriot@protonmail.com is this a lost cause?... doomed to fail?... for the 1st time. i want -you- to share -your- thoughts. here's -your- chance to change everything. send me a message at anonpcriot@protonmail.com. - please keep it under 2000 characters. - most likely won't reply. - please understand. - thank you...

below are "updates" and messages. mainly messages. any major updates will be posted at the top of the page. so. you don't have to read it. you don't have to read anything from this point on. - also new messages are posted on the bottom. - thank you...

no updates on placeholder site right now.

thank you...